Jasola district center office complex emerged as most modern one in Delhi. This niche business district came up as early as the late 2000’s, existence is barely 10 years old. Has sprawling roads and huge parking areas. Raised on rubble is now a busy commercial hub in south Delhi. Affords and locates only offices with no manufacturing activity. Houses big and renowned corporate offices e g, majorly shipping line, marketing firms, IT firms,  advertising, law firms, electronics, offices and many other industry offices. Across the road OKHLA PH III, on the back side Okhla vegetable market, with its own sidings etc. About 5 kms away is the DELHI ICD (Inland container depot). Jasola commercial centre is connected to OKHLA PH II through a tunnel to reach in 5 minutes of uninterrupted driving. ). Is located within close reach of Delhi Faridabad border. Jasola surely is one of the most exquisitely planned and designed office complexes in and around Delhi. Many good and established offices vie for space here. Most of the shipping lines have their offices positioned for locational advantage. Choicest locations can be sought with pride and prejudice. Apollo Hospital, Surya Sofitel hotel, Metro station all add value to the location.

Given its close proximity to Faridabad, Noida and Okhla industrial district, Jasola has been able to attract major business houses that look for modern office buildings with larger floor plates. Rents are also fairly competitive given the kind of infrastructure and ambiance the buildings in Jasola provide. . If your company is looking for a commercial office space in Jasola, we will be happy to provide options in all budget ranges and sizes.  Major commercial buildings include, Elegance tower, Banni Coroprate tower, DLF TOWER, Salcon Aurum, Splendour Forum and Copia.

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