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We are specialists in scouting the most exclusive, vibrant and desirable offices in the crowded Delhi and NCR office space market. 

We keep it simple – tell us your specific office space needs, and we will handpick a shortlist of suitable offices, set up a tour schedule and, when you decide to move ahead, we help you to negotiate the best lease terms and handhold you through the entire registration process. Once we have secured  your new office, we don’t stop there.  We are more than happy to assist you with any kind of furnishing needs that your office may have. 

Helping businesses like yours since 2004, we have built extensive market knowledge and a network of relationships which makes us an invaluable partner to our clients who value our straightforward, no nonsense service.

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Help with location strategy and site selection

Each company is different and have unique needs! Looking out for commercial space requires careful planning, due diligence and market information. The difference between finding the GREAT location and an “acceptable” location is in the “specifics”. The specifics are the difference between making or missing the mark when it comes to conveying the right image, inside – out, to your customers and your employees. No matter if you operate on really low margins or have a business model only for the most affluent of customers, we know how to balance the details many would otherwise over look, and determine the most apt options from economical and location point of view. Using marketability and feasibility analysis across all industries to identify new market sectors for expansion and site discovery, we are also able to share recent trends within the same industry through out the Delhi NCR area.

Space planning and consolidation

Wasted space equals to wasted money! Work culture and environment has seen a sea change in the last 10 years and so has the traditional office set up. View blocking cabins have given way to a practically door less vast expanse office space. We do an internal review of space standard for each hierarchy level, and show you how you could save by cutting on those huge cabins other out of trend areas. Another common problem with most corporate is that they have multiple locations within the same geographical location, perhaps due to poor connectivity issues when those lease contracts were done. However, now with a rather improved connectivity, consolidating multiple facilities makes a lot of sense and many MNC’s have already done so by acquiring huge spaces at strategic locations through out Delhi NCR. We analyze your current real estate facilities, do a commuting hour analysis and provide you with apt locations to bring all under one roof and thereby increasing your operational efficiency.

Tenant/Buyer representation

We know your needs and plausibly know the owner too! We put our expertise and experience to meet your goals. We know what is likely to inspire the owner, we then juxtapose it with your requirement and help negotiate the best possible lease terms for your business. More often than not, tenant is the under dog in any real estate transaction since he goes through the process of leasing/buying only once in 3-5 years, while the owner perhaps does more than a few transaction every year. We realize this and put the tenants best interest first while protecting the owner property rights. As client, you with a skilled and experienced commercial broker have access to current commercial trends in the market and bargaining points, that can match with the owner. We represent the tenant/buyer! Period

Commercial investment and development

Commercial Investment and Development is all about identifying and realizing the maximum potential value of an asset and understanding any pitfalls that one may encounter in the confusing zoning bylaws of Delhi commercial real estate. There’s a plethora of notifications and gazettes that keep on getting revised by DDA and L&DO, therefore obtaining the right advice is so important. We have a keen eye on whats going on with various land pools across Delhi and NCR, we can share our vast experience and local knowledge with you. Even though we specialize in office space, we can help you with all other asset classes in Delhi commercial real estate too, institutional, industrial or hospitality/medical etc. 

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