Being the capital city, leasing an Office Space in Delhi more often than not comes at a premium. For certain locations Delhi, office rent can be your largest overhead, so it’s a good idea to know exactly how much space would be just fine for your specific business needs.  Before the open work space culture became a rage, the general rule of thumb was about 100-150 sq ft for each employee however, as more and more boot strap starts, cabinless and collaborative work spaces are now being preferred by companies, this figure has gone down significantly to an average of about 55/sq ft.

Every business is different and thus would have different space needs. 55 sq ft is just the industry average and shall get you started when you begin looking for office space in Delhi. But really, it boils down to a few things, first, how your staff works and the things they would need on their desk to get the job done. If you are a, digital marketing/trading firm and employees can just live with a laptop on the desk and a 35 sq ft desk would be just fine for such needs. A graphic designer or system engineer would need to at times accommodate more than one screens on the desk and that might be a challenge with a small desk.  Secondly, the huddle space, some companies need a big conference rooms or a large open space to have sit-downs/video conferencing with clients and business partners.  While in some other businesses, all the employees do is work independently all the day. Previously, this huddle space was not the top priority of the management however, with millennials, this space is getting more and more attention. Third and last is IT functionality, with technology becoming the core of each and every business, the server room size is growing too and one needs to keep this in mind, as small business soon out grow themselves and find the server room too small to accommodate their needs.

Other things to watch out for like reception area, pantry/break out area, guest wait rooms, bosses cabin, etc are secondary. A right analysis of the first three will get you started on the right course and narrow your needs down to an optimal figure.

Finding just the right office space in Delhi can be challenging without experienced partners.. Over the years we have successfully helped many small, medium and large companies with their office space relocation strategy.