Preet Vihar is primarily a small residential hub along Vikas marg near Laxmi Nagar and also offers dotted commercial spaces which are mostly geared for local and retail businesses. Its also one of the closest area to the Central business district in the East Delhi office Market, abutting Patpatgunj and Laxmi Nagar commercial areas. 

Most of the supply of office space comes from the office buildings in Preet Vihar Community Centre and the low rise, erstwhile residential, high street properties on both sides of Vikas Marg, the main connecting road between east and central Delhi. Being one of the oldest Business Districts of Delhi the age and construction of properties is very old which is evident in the quality and size of inventory available, with average office size being around 1000 sqft and average age of buildings being 25yr plus.

The buildings on high street are mostly without any modern facility like lifts, power back-up and 24hr security. The Office buildings in the community center are 10-15 story tall structures with operational lifts, average maintenance and 24 hour security. The situation of parking is slightly better in comparison to the high street properties owing to the availability of parking’s in an underground parking lot along with the surface parking in and around the Community centre .The neighboring areas to the business cluster being very densely populated one always feels the lack of space for parking specially on the high street areas alongside the Vikas marg. With age comes the shabby look and feel of the dilapidated buildings which becomes even more accentuated because of  poor upkeep and cleanliness, making the overall look and feel of the area below average. Preet Vihar being located on one of most busy high streets of Delhi the Vikas marg, it is fairly secure from a security point of view, one can feel absolutely secure even during late hours. .

Compared to other parts of Delhi the average cost of living is lowest in East Delhi which is the reason it is very easy for companies to find staff at reasonably lower remuneration in these areas.  So the area is highly recommended for companies into labor intensive soft industries like domestic BPO’s etc. which require lower skill set reasonable priced quality staff.

Another plus point is the availability of multiple food vendors selling food at very affordable prices along with multiple reasonable shopping options in the nearby markets makes life very convenient for office employees in Preet Vihar.

How easy is commuting to office in Preet VIhar?

Excellent metro connectivity through its namesake Preet Vihar metro stations on Blue line route of Delhi metro and a huge network of DTC busses running on a complete web of recently built flyovers along with already existing road network makes Preet Vihar very easily accessible from all around Delhi and the neighboring areas of Ghaziabad and Noida through all the modes of public transport making commute to office very smooth for employees of companies taking office space on rent in East Delhi.  

Who is taking office space on rent in Preet VIhar?

Over the years Preet Vihar community center has come up as a hub of car resellers and it is quite evident by overwhelming presence of these companies all around the community center. A few financial companies and education companies also have a little presence in the community center. Most of the office inventory on high street has been taken up by education and various retail sector players.

How much does it cost to take an office on rent in Preet VIhar?

On one hand is the lack of demand from big corporates and on other hand is the lack of supply of commercial office space, keeping the demand and supply at equilibrium. The lack of demand from corporates is compensated by the corporate retail companies and players in education sector taking offices to market and sell their products to the densely populated areas in the vicinity of Preet Vihar.

With average rentals in the range of 50-100/sqft East Delhi office market could be a great option for companies looking for office close to central Delhi at reasonable rental.

Coworking Options In Preet Vihar

Springhouse,  Worklikeaboss, workingdom,  Invento. Being slightly away from central Delhi area,  coworking options are reasonably priced here.  One can look for seats in the range of 5000- 10000/month and cabins between 18000- 30000/month in a professionally managed coworking space. 

Office Space Listings in Preet Vihar

An independent floor admeasuring 3000 sq ft is available for rent on 500 sq yd plot commercial building on main Vikas Marg road in Peet Vihar.  The space provides approx 2500 sq ft carpet area . Currently in warm shell condition with only flooring and ceiling work done up. Space can be furnished as per […]

3000 sq ft ₹ 300,000.00 Preet Vihar

An independent floor admeasuring 3000 sq ft is available for rent on 550 sq yd plot commercial building on main Vikas Marg road in Peet Vihar.  The space provides approx 2800 sq ft carpet area . Current furnishing includes 5 cabins, 25 work stations, 1 conference room for 12 pax, 1 small meeting room, reception […]

3000 sq ft ₹ 275,000.00 Preet Vihar

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