We’ve heard a lot of people complaining about how their parents missed out on opportunities to own a shop in popular markets like South Ex, Lajpat Nagar, Sarojini Nagar and Khan Market etc. No more complaining!!  Everyone gets their share of opportunities. Here is your chance to own an excellent shop right at the entrance of one of the most famous markets of Delhi- Sarojini Nagar market, at an unbelievable price of just Rs.37000/sqft. 

Yes its true !!!!!. 

NBCC Downtown Project in Sarojini Nagar

NBCC is coming up with yet another excellent opportunity after the world trade center at Nauroji Nagar, albeit with slightly different flavor, by the name “DOWNTOWN” at Sarojini Nagar on a plot right next to metro station at the entrance of Sarojini Nagar market. The project is mix development unlike the WTC which is primarily geared for office space, this NBCC commercial project in Sarojini Nagar is a boutique project spread over a plot of 2.2 acres with retail area spread over 4 floors- LGF, UGF , First and Second floor. Remaining 6 floor are being sold as office space. Project also has a 4 level basement which will have space for 2000 cars, enough to manage the already crowed Sarojini Nagar market place. The first tranche of shops will be sold through e-auction to be held on 10th of August 2022.

Keeping in mind the sizes which vary between 150-700 sqft , it makes it even more attractive and I don’t mind sticking my neck out and saying that if someone gets a shop on the ground floor at these rates it is no less than winning a lottery. Having said that, office spaces here may not be lapped up by investors as quick as the shops however, wont be out there for long either. 

If you look at the rates at which properties are being sold in far flung areas of NCR , for example: builders in Gurgaon are charging something around Rs.35-45K per sq ft for a shop on ground in a project located in outskirts of existing Gurgaon city. The shops in City center of Gurgaon and posh areas like DLF etc are trading at rates between 1Lac/ sqft to 2.lac/sqft.

Let us try to understand mathematically the potential this property holds for an early investor putting his money in a ground floor shop. Basically an early investor who invests in a commercial project at planning stage / when the project is sold only on basis of a paper plan, would make best money if he sells the shop after the shop is handed over and rented out. Ideally in the commercial real estate market an investor would expect around 6% return from their investment. The existing rentals of a ground floor shop in Sarojini Nagar market are nothing less than Rs 500/sqft for even the worst ground floor location, now assuming that even if the rentals remain as they are today ( ideally the rents should have increased upwards by 15% in 3 years , the delivery time of project ). Any investor expecting 6% returns should be more than happy to pay Rs.1Lk/ sqft. Mind you these rates are for big shops. small shops could be rented at a much higher per sq ft rental thus offering a much higher possibility of better returns. So, it is actually possible to make your investment of  Rs37,000/sq ft a whopping Rs.1lk/sq ft in the next three years very easily . 

Almost forgot, this is a free hold property unlike other properties in the area so the tradability increases many times. 

Feel free to connect with us for more details and a site visit. Project brochure. 

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