A mammoth structure with 1 lakh sqft plus area on each floor plate, this G+ 4 building belonging to Delhi Metro is the most suitable building for any client looking for big office space in a Grade A building in West Delhi. Being developed on the land of Delhi Metro, the biggest landlord in Delhi, it gets the luxury of huge open parking for both office users and visitors.

Given the size of the complex one needs to walk a little bit from the open parking area to the main entrance of the building which has an access card secured entrance system, restricting any outsider to enter the building. Even though the building is slightly aloof and away from any local shopping complex,however taking cognizance of this fact the building management has created its own infrastructure which ensures that the office users don’t face any inconvenience on account of small daily requirements like food etc . It will not be wrong to say that it has more than compensated for the deficiencies by developing the building into a self-sustaining system by operating 2 food courts, a health club, a creche and a small hospital within the building. Even though there are enough wet points on the floor for big offices but for companies taking small areas they have come up with a very  innovative provisioning of personal pantry and personal toilets in a designated area, to anyone who requires it.

Being located in Sector 21 it is very close to the Airports, Aerocity office district and nearby Gurgaon and South Delhi office markets. Once the clover bridge near Shiv Murti on NH-48 and Dwarka Expressway becomes operational the connectivity will drastically improve making it an even more attractive option for not only the companies looking for office space in West Delhi but also for companies looking for office space in South Delhi as well.

The entire complex is very neat and orderly, has provision of enough car parkings and is absolutely secure to work 24/7, which the building allows. Getting its electricity supply directly from the metro line it never goes without power as one grid directly supplies the building while another grid provides a back-up.

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