Finding the best places to lease office space in Delhi can be challenging for young startup as well as established firms. You don’t need to start pulling your hair out yet though; there are many decent and yet affordable office space in Delhi these days. It is perhaps a better time than ever for startups looking for a new address in the city.

Whether you’re looking for an independent office space for rent or a cool and trendy co working office space, trying to find a space that doesn’t look like a 80’s and 90’s old style furnished but that comes in within your budget isn’t impossible.

Real estate cost is going to be one of your biggest cash flow apart from staff, however do keep in mind that budgeting is not the only thing that you should be having in your mind as there are peripherals that go along with a slightly expensive office which more than make for the extra money paid in rentals. Here are a few things that one should look for in an office as a guide to help you on your office space search in Delhi.  Ask yourself the following questions and ideas shall start to trickle in your mind.

Where is your existing office and why do you want to move?

Do you currently have an office? If yes, then what’s the pain area which is causing you to look for another location, it could simply be lack of additional space or some other reason. Be sure to look at pros and cons of your current location.

Who often visits your office other than employees and how easy is it to reach?

No one wants a long drag to work. So making it as swift as possible for your team to get to the office should make everyone in the office happier and more energetic. Remember, your employees are the most important asset so prioritize their convenience first, then see if the location also reasonably fit for your clients commute and lastly also try to accommodate your suppliers too.

What is the nature of your business?

Is it important for you to be geographically close to your clients and suppliers?  Some businesses even want to be close to their competitors, or companies offering complementary and supporting services. For this reason, companies in certain sectors tend to cluster together in the same location in Delhi.  So much so that few areas of Delhi are now synonymous with particular industries. 

Do you want a certain vibe or an image for your business in the new office?

Do you need to make a statement with where your office is located? Many times this aspect is underestimated, but it is an important consideration. For many businesses a good first impression can be very critical. Ideally you’re going to be looking for somewhere with a vibe that fits your startup; somewhere that you’ll enjoy working in and a space that suits your company.

How much are you prepared to spend?

Last, but not least, cost many times is the most important factor for a startup in deciding the best office space location in Delhi. Rental values for office space vary quite drastically throughout Delhi depending on various factors.

Well, now that you have a clear answer to all the above question in your mind, let’s take a look at what various locations Delhi have to offer for young star ups:

Office Space in East Delhi:

Mostly preferred by – Startups in Education, media, Accounting services, fin tech

Top Locations: Mayur Vihar, Laxmi Nagar, Parpargunj, Noida

Independent Office rentals on carpet area: Rs 40-100/sq ft

Co working space: Rs 1500 – 3000/seat

Office Space in West Delhi

Mostly preferred by – Startups in Food, telecom, data services

Top Locations: Moti Nagar, Dwarka, Janakpuri, Naraina

Independent Office rentals on carpet area: Rs 40-100/sq ft

Co working space: Rs 1500 – 4000/seat/month

Office Space in South Delhi

Mostly preferred by – Startups in Advertising, Digital/social media, creative, IT/computers/robotics

Top Locations: Green Park, Hauz Khas , Saket, Mohan Cooperative, Gurgaon, Vasant Kunj

Independent Office rentals on carpet area: Rs 60-120/sq ft

Co working space: Rs 2000 – 6000/seat/month

Office Space in North Delhi

Mostly preferred by – Startups in Healthcare, media, real estate, manufacturing

Top Locations: Rohini, Netaji Subhash Place,

Independent Office rentals on carpet area: Rs 40-/sq ft

Co working space: Rs 1000 – 3000/seat/month

Office Space in Central Delhi

Mostly preferred by – Startups in Advertising, Digital media, Fin tech, creative, 

Top Locations: Connaght Place, Delhi Gate, Rajendra Place

Independent Office rentals on carpet area: Rs 40-120/sq ft

Co working space: Rs 1500 – 7000/seat/month

There are many more locations for office space in Delhi but hopefully, this shall give you a good starting point to begin looking out. There are many affordable and cool offices all over Delhi/Gurgaon and Noida,  so don’t be peremptory about needing to stay in the realms of Gurgaon and Noida if you are in IT/ITES space, or south and central Delhi if you are in digital media/advertising etc. Get in touch with a local commercial real estate agency and discuss what you need in detail, Delhi has many nooks and corners with awesome office space options.

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