OKHLA INDUSTRIAL AREA is the first industrial manufacturing hub that came up on the soil of Delhi, in an officially dedicated area for industrial office space activity in Delhi.  All other minor and small industrial areas emerged haphazardly at congested and closed in locations.

This started with phase I, at the same time as the ICD (INLAND CONTAINER DEPOT) was planned. With no facilities and features then, is now a bubble.  This is developed in 3 phases and is centre for huge MNC offices. It is also having a 5 star hotel within its lap.

Within the same industrial area are several office complexes with all eateries, canteens, restaurants and possible guest houses in some locations.

Has many reputed publishing houses doing printing activity.

Individual SPACIOUS office  space available for rentals as well as ownership. Independent and office blocks. Shared or owned premises shall be sourced. Ideal location for peaceful workings. Flexi offices for staffing 100 to 1000. Uninterrupted power supply. One of the PRIME industrial locations with convenience of operations with abundance of labour, qualified and unqualified. Lease and sub lease options also available.

All three phases of OKHLA INDUSTRIAL AREA is the manufacturing HUB for whole of Delhi and is not to be considered as district wise location.

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